Design washbasin




Design washbasins

Piatta is a designer washbasin that is inspired by modern architecture and has changed the conception of spaces for human life.

The Piatta washbasin is a simple, functional, sustainable and natural design exercise. It should be noted that it is manufactured in a single piece that manages to channel the water on a flat surface. Which is achieved on the same countertop, turning said countertop into the design sink itself.



The aesthetics of the washbasin is the result of the expression of the basin and stone lines that make it up, especially characterized by the simplification of shapes and clean lines. In this way, a sink with a timeless design has been achieved.

Its design is designed to optimize the use of stone and space, also helping to save water in each use, thus creating a more rational relationship between nature and human beings.

Ecological and sustainable

On the other, the Piatta side achieves a water saving of more than 70%, establishing a more rational relationship between water and humans.

This is due to the fact that the opening of the tap is psychologically reduced, contributing from the first moment to saving water.

Piatta is design and elegance:
timeless modernity.

Manufactured in natural stone, each piece is unique, exclusive and original.

Original and Design Washbasin

Piatta has succeeded with its original design to become a unique washbasin, with a differential design in relation to other washbasins thanks to the patented technique used to channel the water.

IF award design

Piatta has been awarded one of the world’s most prestigious design awards, known as the “Oscars of Design”: the iF Award Design 2018.

Would you like a designer washbasin in your bathroom?

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Lavabo de diseño original

Lavabo original de diseño