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Convex Design Washbasin

We have transformed the traditional washbasin, creating the first Convex Washbasin made in a single piece.

Washbasins are traditionally concave, which is hydrodynamically contrary to physics.

Our washbasin is convex, making it more efficient by avoiding the positive force of water against the user and transporting the water to the drain as if by magic.

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technical specifications

An innovative washbasin characterised by its convex surface and the perimeter channel that collects and conducts the water towards the drain, in a single piece of natural stone.

Inspired by modern and minimalist architecture, we achieved an exclusive and elegant design, which will become the focal point of any space.

Each piece tells us its story and its life through the expert hands of the master stonemason, showing itself in all its splendour in a natural way and without artifice.

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Convex washbasin

Convex stone washbasin