Miapetra is born in the heart of Castilla to take us through groundwater to the sea. The union of aesthetics and sustainability is reflected in its flat washbasins, made of natural stone, where water, in a subtle way, is filtered through its surface in the same way that nature shows us in the natural cycle of water.

Water is life and Miapetra emphasizes the importance of every drop. This is reflected in its integrated designs in a space created to highlight the origin of each piece since its extraction of the quarry and how it fuses with the water in perfect harmony, showing us that its care is vital to preserve the aquatic environment of our Planet.

A space created to feel nature in its purest form as we can see in the frescoes and wallpapers that leads us to get lost in them and dream of the life that water gives us.

The sound of water through stone is like the union of verses of poetry. Water, stone, life and poetry … what would water tell us if it had memory?

An amazing and wonderful journey of life and landscapes.

Interior designer

Blanca Hevia Interior Design


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